Fire TV Stick

Fire TV Stick

TVs are becoming smarter day by day and now here comes the Fire TV Stick.

first, it was smart mobiles and now it’s TVs’ turn. Don’t worry if your TV isn’t smart enough to listen to your command. The solution to this problem is right here.


What is the Fire TV Stick

This device called Fire TV can turn your Non-smart TV into a smart one you just need to plug that small little beautiful device into your television set and that’s it.


Amazon’s Fire TV Stick streaming media player with Alexa built-in includes an all-new Alexa Voice Remote for easy to use.

So, its main job is to make your normal TV set to be able to stream online videos through OTT platforms Like Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, Disney Hotstar, Youtube, and many more.


What Do You Need To Enjoy Fire TV Stick

  1. HDTV with HDMI input
  2. High-speed internet with Wi-Fi

To enjoy smooth video playback recommended speed is at least 4MBPS or more



How To Set-Up Fire TV Stick

Now, Since we’ve got an idea of what a Fire TV Stick is.

let’s see how to do the basic settings of it with your TV set. You just need to follow these simple steps

Fire stick set-up guide (

–>Plug the Fire TV Stick into your TV’s HDMI Port–> Connect the power adapter to a power socket–>Connect it to your Wi-Fi (Internet) and enjoy viewing.

If you have an HDMI extender it will come in handy in case your TV is wall-mounted and the HDMI port has a narrow space adjacent to the wall.

Now you are ready to stream 2000+ apps, watch thousands of movies and TV shows on HDTV.


Alexa Remote

Alexa’s remote range is more than 55 feet. within a radius of 55 feet and it works well.

The all-new Alexa Voice Remote can easily find, play, and control content. Simply say “Alexa, find comedies” and Alexa will show you the best results.

View live camera feeds on your TV or control lights, smart plugs, switches, and other compatible smart home devices with your Alexa Voice Remote. Just ask Alexa.


To save your data while streaming you can also use this data-saving feature

Go to

Settings → Preferences → Data monitoring → Video quality

Alexa can also switch on the TV. simply press and hold the voice search button and say “Alexa, Turn on the TV” (HDMI CEC required)


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What Are The Pros/Cons Of Fire TV Stick

Fire TV Stick is literally like a TV in your pocket wherever you go you can carry it in your pocket and just connect it to the HDTV and begin streaming by connecting with the internet.



Highly PortableSearch is exclusive to Prime content
Bluetooth Remote (No need to point to the TV)No Google Playstore support & Amazon store offers very limited apps to download.
Alexa Voice Search (Easy to use)Limited storage with no card support
Good quality, solid build device with easy setupCostly accessories 
Video quality setting, low, medium, high to have a check on data usageSending a device to sleep does not auto switch off the TV, unlike waking up, which switches it on. It needs to be manually done.
A mobile app is available to control devices.Sending device to sleep does not auto switch off
Supports Screencast/Mirroring/Mira-cast. So Chrome-cast is covered as well.
 If you switch inputs and does not exit streaming content on Fire TV, it keeps on running, and consequently, you may lose data
Rich curated free content with almost all of the streaming services supportedslow broadband or mobile hotspot may get you an ‘amazon home not reachable’ error.
Remote also has IR capability for general TV functions (on/off/volume/mute). need to point to the TV receiver.


Inbox Content

A Quickstart guide with the following things

1. Fire TV stick
2. Power adapter (5V | 1A | 5W)
3. Alexa enabled voice remote with IR support (connects via BT)
4. 2AAA batteries
5. USB cable (~ 5 feet or 58.5 inches or 148.5 cm)
6. HDMI extender (~ 4.25 inches or 11 cm)

Our Verdict

If you have all the required things to support the Fire TV stick I would say you can go for it as far as price is concerned it’s not too high not too low.

You just need the monthly subscription of some OTT platforms otherwise there are a lot of free content to watch from youtube, Sony LIV, Voot e.t.c

You can enjoy watching your favorite content on a larger screen with your family just need to keep certain things in mind online content needs some censor.

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