Boat Wave Lite Smartwatch- A Comprehensive Review

Boat Wave Lite Smartwatch- An Overview

Smartwatch enthusiasts always look for the release of new models from prominent brands. Boat has also recently released its smart wearable, Wave Lite smartwatch.

Although it has gained recognition as a headphone manufacturer, its smartwatches have gained attention in the tech market. You might be familiar with other models in the Wave series.

But, the Wave Lite smartwatch is the second one launched after Wave Pro 47. Available at a reasonable rate, Wave Lite tracks your daily activity.

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You can easily reach your fitness goals by focusing on the data tracked by the smart Boat Wave Lite smartwatch.

Let us provide you with a comprehensive review of the Boat Wave Lite smartwatch.

Technical details

Smartwatch modelWave Lite
Band colorsRed, Blue, Black
Display1.69 HD touch display  
Battery life7 days
Battery Capacity240mAh
Watch faces100+ watch faces  
Brightness550 Nits
Sports modes10
Charging time2.5 hours
water resistance IP68 
Technical details table

Design and interfaceBoat Wave Lite smartwatch

Boat has not compromised style while designing its smartwatch, Wave Lite. The square design with a dimension of about a 1.69-inch screen fits almost any wrist.

The highest level of brightness can be up to 500 nits. Moreover, a 70% RGB color scheme and a 160-degree viewing angle ensure that the watch screen is easily readable.

You will not feel bulky, as Wave Lite weighs around 44.8 grams. You need to move to the side to find the menu.

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Boat Wave Lite Smartwatch- A Comprehensive Review

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Smartwatch Strap

Using the rotating crown button, you can navigate the intuitive interface to navigate the menu. Bezels are also visible around the display.

The overall design is solid, as Boat has used quality metal to design this smartwatch. Still, the presence of metal has not added weight to the wearable gadget.

Due to the ultra-sleek design, you can wear the Boat Wave Lite smartwatch throughout the day without feeling discomfort.

Wave Lite is available with bands of different colors- scarlet red, blue, and black. You can pick one based on your preference.

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Sports modes-Boat Wave Lite smartwatch

As the best activity tracker, Boat Wave Lite lets you take advantage of the sports modes. When you engage yourself in intense workouts, these modes will be helpful.

The wearable gadget will define your activity, as you find multiple modes, including
  • Skipping
  • Swimming
  • Badminton
  • Walking
  • Running
  • Climbing
  • Yoga
  • Cycling
  • Football
  • Basketball

Is Boat Wave Lite smartwatch Water resistant?

Water can be damaging to any electronic gadget. That is why Boat has provided you with IP68-rated smartwatch. You can choose this gadget for your outdoor use without any concerns.

With water resistance, your sweat may also damage delicate parts of your watch. Moreover, an IP-rated watch is resistant to dirt. Wave Lite will last long with proper care.

 A compatible app- Personalize your watch in any way

Boat smartwatch is easy to customize with the compatible app. You have to download the app to your device and manage different settings.

For instance, you may transform your watch interface every day, as there is a collection of more than 100 watch faces. The face color options are available on the cloud platform, and you can access them easily.

Track your health using your Boat Wave Lite smartwatch

Wave Lite is truly a fitness tracker. You can track different health conditions-

Track your sleep

You know the importance of having a sound sleep to stay healthy. Wear Boat smartwatch on your wrist, and it will track your sleep-wake cycle. It also checks your physical movements and provides you with accurate sleep data.

You can check the data from the app. Your physical and mental health will be safe due to this sleep-mapping feature.

Heart rate monitor

A healthy heart indicates you are fit. Boat Wave Lite smartwatch can check your heart rates throughout the day. It ensures that you have not overdone your physical workouts. Moreover, heart rate will be balanced, as you can track it regularly.

SpO2 blood oxygen tracker

Blood plays a role in transporting the oxygen gas to other organs, including the lungs. As a reliable fitness tracking gadget, Boat wave lite smartwatch will identify the oxygen saturation levels in your blood.

Moreover, a reduced oxygen level is one of the signs of Covid-19 infection. That is why Boat Wave Lite will be highly useful for staying safe.

Wave Lite also enables you to track your daily steps. According to healthcare specialists, every person must take 10000 steps every day.

Your fitness band will calculate your steps and give you the detailed information. Some consumers have a goal of burning calories.

Boat Wave Lite smartwatch will track how many calories are burnt by your body during your fitness training session. Based on the data, you may adjust your workout routine.

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Bluetooth connectivity

When you have your smartwatch on your wrist, there is no need to hold your mobile to receive phone calls. The Bluetooth calling feature is available with the Wave Lite smartwatch model.

Make sure that you have chosen a smartphone with Bluetooth V5.0. It will ensure the smooth pairing of devices.

You can respond to calls directly from your watch. Your Boat smartwatch will also reveal the caller’s name. Moreover, you can accept and decline calls from the watch’s interface.

Make your conversation more delightful by turning on the loudspeaker. But, make sure that your smartphone is within the coverage range of that Bluetooth.

Watch Wave Lite -

Your Boat Wave Lite smartwatch will also receive social media notifications and alerts about other applications. The best fact is that you can control your camera and music from Boat Wave Lite smartwatch.

Battery qualityBoat Wave Lite smartwatch

Although there is no Fast Charging technology, Boat has maintained good standards for its smartwatch battery.

According to Boat, the watch will last for 7 days with a 100% charged battery. It takes 2.5 hours to charge the battery. The 240mAh battery gives you a lasting value.


  • Sharper color resolution 
  • Slim design
  • Multiple watch faces
  • Track different health conditions


  • No GPS

ConclusionBoat Wave Lite smartwatch

Boat has aptly named its product Wave Lite smartwatch because the sleek metal body is lightweight. Users have not complained of any discomfort about it.

Boat Wave Lite smartwatch is a perfect combination of innovation and fashion.

If you find this piece of Article Useful, kindly share it with others and do comment below about your experience and any real feedback about Boat Products.

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