BOAT Watch Xtend

BOAT Watch Xtend – is this the right smartwatch for you?

Everything requires an upgrade and BOAT watch xtend too, thanks to the constantly evolving era we are living in. Watches are no exclusions. If you are looking for a watch that gives you more than just time, then smartwatches are your panacea.

With features like tracking your heart rate, counting your steps, keeping your fitness goals in check, alerting you of notifications from your phone. there are many ways smartwatches can turn your life around.

Major Highlights of this Article BOAT Watch Xtend

  • Unique color choices and comfortable design with a sturdy build.
  • Light-weight and premium quality materials.
  • Capacitive LCD touchscreen with a responsive interface, easy to use.
  • Up to 5 ATM water-resistant allowing for use when swimming as well.
  • Notifications and alerts to connect with your phone without checking your phone in actuality.
  • Decent battery performance at an affordable price.
  • Accurate monitoring of heartbeat and SPO2 levels along with stress and sleep monitoring.
  • More than 100 custom watch faces with options to customize your own.
  • Built-in Alexa support for basic simple tasks like setting up alarms, reminders, etc.
  • 14 sports modes including yoga, pool swimming, and open water swimming.

You probably already know that there are many options to choose from in the smartwatches segment, from different brands across the world.

However, choosing a brand that is reliable and trustworthy is the key to a durable product. BOAT is a well-known brand in the electronics industry and it has been a pioneer in different product segments.

Boat Watch Xtend is among the latest smartwatches launched by this company, specifically to meet the budget-conscious consumer segment.

It is the smartest device to invest and if you are looking for a fitness partner, then you need not look further.

Today, we will delve deeper into the details of this product and whether you should invest in this device or not.

Model nameBoat Watch Xtend
DisplayLCD touchscreen
Batteries1 Lithium polymer battery (included with the product)
Rechargeable batteriesYes
Charging time2 hours
Special featuresSleep and heart rate monitoring
Screen size1.69 inches
Water-resistant mark5 ATM

BOAT Xtend-Designed for comfort

The primary feature that we often look for, when buying a smartwatch is its design and comfort for the wearer.

BOAT is always known for bringing forth the best stylish design using premium quality materials, assuring both aesthetics and comfort in all their products.

They have adopted the same approach even for Boat Watch Xtend. The design of this watch might remind you of the Apple Watch 3 but this is a watch designed to meet your budget and has features accordingly.

The square-shaped watch comes with curved edges and flat sides and is not a new design as such. But you cannot question the elegance the watch presents and it is available in different color options too.

Some of these colors give an uplift to the entire appearance of this watch. You can go for the usual black and blue colors or opt for a stylish chic like the olive green color if you like.

While the BOAT watch case is constructed in plastic, it is high-end and looks sturdy. The soft matte finishing on the rear panel houses the sensors for keeping your vitals in check.

The silicone straps are easy to detach making them comfortable to wear regularly. It is lighter in weight and features accents that highlight the watch.

There is a crown button on the side to help you switch the screen on or to select menu options. With a slim profile and an affordable price, this BOAT smartwatch is of world-class quality.

Features of BOAT Smartwatch Xtend

Display features in BOAT Xtend

BOAT Watch Xtend comes with a TFT panel with big bezels on the screen. The display is quite big, measuring approximately 42mm and the screen quality is premium.

When the screen is switched off, the bezels are not visible and hence do not make a prominent difference with their presence.

The screen time is up to 20 seconds and this BOAT smartwatch does not come with an always-on mode. brightness can be increased up to 12 levels and the colors are pretty vivid.

Angle of view, despite the sunlight, is pretty good on this edition of the smartwatch from BOAT. You might find that the colors are not very intense but given the price range, this watch will exceed your expectations on display.

The capacitive touchscreen LCD allows you to take complete control and access the options with ease. touchscreen is fairly responsive on this 1.69” square display.

BOAT watch Xtend has automatic brightness control which means it adjusts the brightness level according to the surroundings.

Alexa support built-in

This is one of the prominent features of the BOAT Watch Xtend model, as highlighted by the brand. The back button, when pressed for a long, gives you access to the built-in microphone so that you can give commands to Alexa.

The Alexa support is only extended to basic tasks like setting a timer, alarms, etc. This might be an exciting feature to explore for the first couple of days after which it might lose its luster.

Yet it is among the few smartwatches in the market that offers feature to connect to Alexa .

Customized watch faces

This is another feature we often look for when buying a smartwatch. BOAT doesn’t fail you on this front with more than 100 watch faces to choose from.

You can now have a watch face that will match your outfit, mood, or the place you are at. Apart from the available watch faces, you have the option to customize your watch face as well.


One of the finest qualities of a smartwatch is the ability to use it wherever and whenever without damaging its components.

And BOAT Watch Xtend assimilates this in its design, giving you a water-resistant mark at 5 ATM.

boAt Watch Xtend‌ - boAt

This means you can keep the watch under the water at a depth of 50 meters for half an hour without worrying about spoiling the watch.

You can now sweat it out all you want or go for a swim and still have the smartwatch tracking your activities effectively.

Real-time monitoring

Smartwatches are preferred primarily to keep track of the health and vitals of a person and BOAT Watch Xtend doesn’t leave any stone unturned by providing you with real-time data on your health.

This BOAT smartwatch comes with 24/7 monitoring of heart rate, blood oxygen level tracking or SPO2 monitoring, stress monitor, sleep monitor (in three different modes), etc.

There is also an option for women to track their menstrual cycles on this smartwatch.

Activity tracker and sports modes

The smartwatch is equipped to automatically identify the activity between running and walking and track it efficiently.

There are 14 different sport modes included in the package including yoga, rowing, workout, elliptical, hiking, cricket, pool swimming, open water swimming along with running, walking, etc.

The important point is that the data is accurate, whether you are monitoring the oxygen levels or tracking your daily activity.

This is vital especially when you are tracking the SPO2 levels and the data from this watch is closer to the oximeter readings.

Alerts and controls

You can receive all your notifications and alerts from your phone by connecting it through Bluetooth with this smartwatch.

listening to your music can be controlled, get updates about the weather, set your phone on DND, and more using your BOAT smartwatch.

You will not have any reason to take your phone to know about missed calls, reminders, alarms, etc.

BOAT Wave app

Like every other smartwatch, you can do more with your BOAT Watch Xtend, using the BOAT Wave app, available for download on both iOS and Android platforms.

The app works seamlessly featuring the settings and options related to fitness tracking included on the same.

You would need to download this app to activate the BOAT smartwatch and connect it to your phone.

With the GPS turned on, you can even find the paths you have travelled before and the number of kilometers covered.

Battery life- BOAT Xtend smartwatch

BOAT smartwatch uses rechargeable 300mAH batteries. On normal usage, the battery when fully charged can work for up to 7 days and 3-4 days when you are using most of the features with lower brightness.

There is a magnetic hook in the package to support charging it.

boAt Watch Xtend‌ - boAt


  • Larger display
  • Quality build and design
  • All features work in line


  • Alexa interactions not on par.
  • No always-on mode.

Verdict- BOAT Xtend smartwatch

If your search is for a basic smartwatch with all fitness features at an affordable price range, then you need not look further than the BOAT Watch Xtend.

It comes with an excellent display, comfortable build, premium design, and is within your budget. The colors are quite interesting to choose from as well unlike the usual blacks and browns.

The only downfall could be the battery life which dwindles on regular usage of all the features to about 2-3 days.

But it is only a matter of charging and you may not find another smartwatch that offers these features at such a price range.

The metal body or flashy design doesn’t define this smartwatch but if you are simplistic and pragmatic, then this watch is what you need.

The font size could have been slightly larger, given the bigger display. While it may not present a worry to the younger generation, the elders might have a tough time reading through the display.

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