Boat Watch Mystiq

Boat Watch Mystiq

Here, we will be reviewing the features of the Boat Watch Mystiq, the latest addition from BOAT.

Boat Mystiq (
Boat Watch Mystiq Black color

Major Highlights of this Article BOAT Watch Mystiq

  • Lighter, comfortable to wear, and elegantly designed.
  • Two colors but with multiple watch faces, including the option to have a custom watch face.
  • Visually enriching experience with crisp and vivid images.
  • Effortless control and a capacitive experience on the touchscreen.
  • Features to monitor heart rate, sleep, stress levels, blood oxygen levels.
  • Breathing technique training modes to help regulate breathing.
  • Keep your health in check and also your fitness in check with real-time data.
  • HIIT with an animated personal coach is an addition to love, especially for those who love fitness.
  • 3 ATM water-resistant with dirt and splash resistant.
  • 17 different sports modes, automatic sports recognition for some of the activities.

Technology has given rise to more and more gadgets, each smarter than its predecessor. When we speak of wearable smart devices, smartwatches come to the forefront of our minds.

What is Smartwatche

Currently, smartwatches do not just offer you the experience of a smartphone on your wrist but at an affordable price, they also provide you with a wholesome fitness experience on the go.

Needless to say, many brands are competing to gain the consumers’ attention in this industry with different features and options.

An Indian consumer electronics company, BOAT has gained a reputation for bringing the most stylish, premium, and innovative products to the market. The company has launched numerous products, smartwatches being the latest addition to their product catalog.

They have provided options and features based on various customer perceptions about smartwatches, in their catalog for smartwatches.

The boAt Watch Mystiq is yet another fitness-oriented smartwatch launched to gain dominance in the smartwatch industry by the company and it is a budget-friendly version.

Model nameBoat Watch Mystiq
DisplayHigh Definition LCD
Batteries1 Lithium polymer battery (included with the product)
Rechargeable batteriesYes
Battery backup7 days
Special featuresSleep and heart rate monitoring, pedometer, step tracker, etc.
Screen size1.57 inches

Display & Designing

With a 1.57” screen, the Boat Watch Mystiq features a High Definition (HD) capacitive touchscreen display, with an interface easy to use for anyone.

The crown button featured on the side helps you with the navigation as you browse through the multiple features.

Boat Mystiq showing display (

Additionally, there are a whole plethora of watch faces to choose from to make your smartwatch match up with the outfit or just to provide a change of scenery.

Boat Mystiq watch features comfortable and detachable straps and is available in the colors black and grey, colors that will go along with any outfit and for any occasion.

Square-shaped dial with curved edges offers you room to have enough control in accessing the features. The quality of the image display is clear and crisp with the larger display.

Capacitive touchscreen enhances your visual experience with colors looking more vibrant on the larger display.

Straps are softer making it easy for the wearer and the lighter weight adds to the comfort. It is easy to wear even when you are sleeping.

Boat watch Mystiq Features

Health monitoring real-time

One of the main features of a smartwatch is its ability to keep a check on your health and your vitals. The Boat Watch Mystiq carries the best health monitoring feature providing you with real-time data.

It keeps a check on your heart rate and blood oxygen levels keeping you updated on how you are doing.

‌boAt Watch Mystiq - (

As BOAT watch mystiq comes with stress monitoring it helps you to keep a check on your stress levels while the sleep monitor ensures immediate highlight of any issues you might face.

Different sports modes

BOAT Mystiq comes with 17 different sports modes to monitor different activities you may pursue on a day. It includes regular activities like running, walking, swimming along with tennis, dance, yoga, rope jump, badminton, sit-ups, and more.

Boat Mystiq multiple sports mode (

Activity tracker on this smartphone is designed smartly to keep an efficient track of the progress through the steps taken, distance covered, calories burnt, etc.

Mystiq smartwatch acts as your fitness partner collaborating with you in achieving your fitness goals.

Animated personal coach

If you are looking for a personal touch to your fitness training, then this smartwatch from BOAT brings it to your wrist.

The HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) mode on Mystiq watch comes with an animated personal coach to help you understand and practice the necessary workouts and to reach your fitness objectives.

The animated coach will demonstrate the exercises and track them effectively to see if you have reached your goals.

Breathing regulation and control

If you find your stress levels fluctuating then opting for the breathing monitor will help you in regulating your breath and feeling relaxed.

From Deep relaxation, the smartwatch has different options like self-reconciliation, nervous regulation, replenishing energy to help you with breathing.

Watch faces to customize

You can now flaunt a new watch face every day, with a whole plethora of cloud-based themes and watch faces.

watche faces of Boat Mystiq (

Get ready to match your watch face to match your daily mood and vibe. You can even customize the theme to match your daily outfit or mood.

Battery life of boat watch mystiq

Battery life is the perfect one if we have to go by the company claims. With regular use, the battery backup is touted to be at 7 days.

There is an automatic brightness control that ensures that the brightness is adjusted according to the surroundings thereby saving considerably on battery life.

The usage of features will have an impact on the battery life of Boat Watch Mystiq. This means if you are using all the features then the battery might require charging at least once in 2-3 days.

Notifications on the go

You can now synchronize your smartwatch with your phone and receive notifications and alerts on your Mystiq watch without using your phone.

From missed calls to text messages, from alerts to reminders, you can receive everything you need your phone for, on the Watch Mystiq from Boat.

‌boAt Watch Mystiq -

You can now stay connected to the world at all times without getting the phone out of your pocket.

Mystiq smartwatch will also give sedentary alerts, letting you know that it is time to be on the move.

Camera and music controls

If you love sharing your pictures on the walk or while working out, you don’t have to worry about taking a phone or camera.

Boat Watch Mystiq will do the same at a single tap. You can now take a picture wherever you want and whenever you want with this Mystiq smartwatch on your wrist.

‌boAt Watch Mystiq - camera

You can also listen to your favorite playlist, pause when you have to, and navigate tracks as you please on the high-definition display of Boat Mystiq.

Wellness check

Committed to keeping you fit, the Mystiq features a sleep monitor to keep your sleep quality on the higher side.

It provides you with data about your sleep quality and helps you to notice any cause of concern and improve it.

Splash, dirt, sweat resistant

The Watch Mystiq is available with a 3 ATM water-resistant making it the perfect companion to wear even when you are swimming or showering.

Boat Mystiq will continue to perform, capturing activity data even when underwater. It is also resistant to dirt and other possible miscreants in the atmosphere.

Boat Mystiq App

Like every other smartwatch from Boat, this is the app to start your smartwatch and connect with your phone.

The app also allows you to efficiently translate your activity into real-time data, helping you derive meaningful insights into your daily activity performance.

With the right information at hand, you can plan your activities and step closer to your fitness goals.

Reliable and accurate

The information shared by the Mystiq smartwatch is well within the accuracy levels you can expect from a smartwatch ensuring you have accurate data to handle.

Also, the company is a reliable firm for electronics which speaks volumes about the kind of tracking you can expect from this product as well.


  • Light weight, comfortable to wear
  • Auto brightness available.
  • 17 sports modes


  • Watch store could do better
  • Display size

Our Verdict- Boat Watch Mystiq

When you are buying a smartwatch, your basic expectations would be to have a tracker of your everyday activity, monitor your health, and reach your fitness goals.

If these are your expectations, then you would find them encompassed in this smartwatch version from Boat.

Watch Mystiq is an elegant and functional addition to your wardrobe. It provides you with all the smart features to track and monitor health on a friendly budget as well.

Boat Watch Mystiq is a smartwatch on a budget and it packs features that are worthy of the price.

The watch store might require a little tweaking but, this is a money well-spent investment for your everyday fitness tracker.

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