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Boat Stone 1500- A Comprehensive Review- Should You Buy This Speaker?

BOAT Stone 1500 40 w Bluetooth speaker has surely grabbed the eyes of music lovers. with the advancements of digital technologies, music enthusiasts have found it easy to listen to their favorite songs at any time.

Audio equipment manufacturing brands are also trying hard to provide better gadgets to consumers.

Surely, one of the must-haves of these music lovers is the high-quality speaker to get the ultimate pleasure from the flawless sound. Although there are several manufacturing brands, Boat has grabbed a strong position in the stiff competition.


Since the year of its entry into the market, Boat has released a series of speaker models. We are now going to review Boat Stone 1500. Boat stone 1500 price is 5,799 INR Check out the current discount

From the audio output to accessories, we will review everything. However, according to genuine users, Boat Speakers 1500 can convert a room into an amazing party zone.

While launching Boat 1500 40w, Boat has grabbed the attention with a catchy tagline saying that the speaker can Roar With Beast. Let’s dive into its features to know how far it is true.

FeaturesTechnical Specification
Speaker typeStereo
Driver typeFull range
IPX ratingIPX 6
Frequency response20Hz to 20KHz
Playback time15 hours
Charging time4.5 hours
Battery capacity4000mAH
Bluetooth version4.2
Bluetooth range10m

BOAT Stone 1500-Design

A close look at the front side of the Stone 1500 speaker will let you find 4 buttons-

  • Volume UP/DOWN button
  • Power ON and OFF button
  • Previous track button
  • Next track button

Red buttons on the black speaker are easily noticeable. When you turn on the power, you will find LED indicators. There is a medium-sized blue indicator to give you notifications.

The speaker also includes a set of 3 white LEDs to show battery percentage.

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As music fanatics like to take their speakers outdoors, Boat has tried to make the product portable. It has offered a nylon strap that you can attach to the corners and carry the speaker anywhere.

The Bluetooth speaker from Boat has 2 passive bass radiators present at the interior sides. The rugged radiators cannot be easily damaged.

To get the best bass output, you may place your speaker in the proper site of your room.

The overall design has a combination of plastic and rubber. There is a minimal risk of damage when the speaker accidentally falls from a height.

BOAT Stone 1500- Build Quality

The front side also displays the logo with 20W speakers located in the bottom part. The USB port, charging port, and auxiliary port are accessible without hassle.

Moreover, to make the design waterproof, Boat has added a plastic cap to the port.

The USB port enables you to play music using secondary drives, while the auxiliary one lets you turn on music during the low battery charge.

The Type-C port is best for charging. As there is proper spacing between ports, you can easily find the right one.

While talking about the build quality, we need to say that BOAT has used premium materials to design the Bluetooth Speaker.

The bottom side of the speaker is made of rubber, and you may place it firmly on a plain surface. We have found no flaws in the coating and finish of the speaker.

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BOAT Stone 1500-Water-resistant speaker

BOAT has used shock-resistant and water-resistant technologies for most of its products. Of course, you will not miss them in your speaker- Stone 1500.

IPX6 rating ensures that there will be no risk of damage due to a splash of water. Thus, you may carry your speaker to the beachside and turn on your music without any concern.

BOAT has added a waterproof Silicon cap to prevent the access of water to internal parts. Moreover, minor shocks cannot damage any part of your speaker due to the sturdy design.

Audio quality-BOAT Stone 1500

Sound quality is the most important factor while buying speakers and other audio devices. From our comprehensive review, we have found that the bass is awesome, and BOAT can beat its competitors in this respect.

BOAT Stone 1500 also scores high in terms of loudness. The 40W speakers are powerful, and there are available with 2 inbuilt settings- outdoor and indoor.

You may play music on any of the 2 modes- Outdoor and Indoor. You can find a difference in the equalizer settings of these modes.

Also, you can switch from one mode to another by hitting the Play button twice. Both these settings work well. To host a party in your house, you can invest in this speaker.

We have also tested vocals and trebles while reviewing BOAT Stone 1500. So, our Boat stone 1500 review says The well-enunciated vocals will definietly please you. You can raise the speaker volume to 100%, as the distortion level is almost negligible.

BOAT Stone 1500- Audio Frequencies

You will enjoy a clean and smooth flow with a good distinction between low, medium, and high frequencies.

Moreover, the speaker produces clear trebles in 3 regions of frequency. However, the sharpness is moderate, as too much sharp sound can discomfort your ears.

In the case of the output audio, there are 3 parts- Lows, Mids, and Highs.


They stand for the sharper-sounding instrument, and Stone 1500 is capable of managing the highs efficiently. Users have not complained against over-sharping problems with the speaker.

Due to the use of high-quality components, the 40 watt bluetooth speaker can provide you with a clean and crisp output.


These are parts where vocals are present. We have already said that vocals are incomparable, and there is no muffling issue.

As the mids are separated from the lows and highs, you will find a natural sound. At the highest volume, you will enjoy a good voice.

The Lows

Bass enthusiasts can become a fan of Boat Stone1500. You may place the speaker vertically and in any other position. You will enjoy the punchy and undistorted sound.

Both the mids and highs perform well in the speaker’s Outdoor mode. You cannot find any difference in the case of the Indoor mode.

BOAT Stone 1500-Phone Call Quality

Due to the integrated microphone, the Boat 1500 has become a versatile solution for consumers. The high-end microphone available with the Bluetooth speaker lets you enjoy hands-free calling.

Using the speaker, you can receive and reject your calls. We have found fine call quality and clearer voice. But, make sure that you are close to your Boat 1500 bluetooth speaker to get the desired call quality.

BOAT Stone 1500- Connectivity technology

BOAT has equipped the speaker with Bluetooth version 4.2. It is one of the demerits, as modern consumers always desire the latest version in their devices.

Moreover, by choosing the wire mode and Auxiliary Port, you will enjoy streaming nonstop music.

As the Bluetooth version is low, there may be some issues while watching Netflix and YouTube. However, you will have no problem when you play music.

With Boat Stone 1500, you will have a TWS connection option. That is why you may connect the speaker to another Stone 1500 Bluetooth speaker to get the stereo sound output.

Both the Boat speakers will synchronize and play the audio.

Battery performance of BOAT Stone 1500

Boat has integrated a 4000 mAh battery into the speaker. It takes 4.5 hours to charge the battery. You can play the music continuously for 8 hours.

However, with the chosen volume level, you can find a difference in the playing time. At 70% of the audio volume, we have played music for 6.5 to 7 hours.

With a standard wire, the input for battery charging is about 10 Watts. The speaker has battery indicators showing the charge level.

When the battery charge level is 70% to 99%, the 3rd LED will be illuminated. In the case of 30% to 70% battery, the 2nd LED will blink. The first one will blink while your charge is 30%

Who will get the ultimate value from Boat Stone 1500?

Boat Stone 1500 has gained compliments from several consumers due to its unparalleled sound quality. Speakers of similar size and cost cannot deliver this standard of output.

Boat engineers have been successful in designing a medium-sized portable speaker. You can buy Stone 1500, especially for your house party.

Add a charm to the atmosphere by turning on the speaker. To get louder audio, you may connect two speakers at a time. 

Pairing the speaker to Bluetooth

It is very easy to pair your Boat Stone speaker with Bluetooth technology.

You have to press the power button for a few seconds, and it will turn on the blue light. As it starts blinking, it indicates that the device is ready for pairing.

After turning on the Bluetooth option, you have to browse through the available device from the search menu. Click on your device and establish the connection.

Our Final Verdict on BOAT Stone 1500

BOAT always pleases its customers with something innovative. Stone 1500 is also one of the best innovations of this brand.

The premium product ensures the best sound quality. You can take it anywhere with you due to its portable design.

In fact, BOAT has tried to refine Stone 1400 to release a better model, Stone 1500. The average play-back time for Stone 1400 is 7 hours, while it is 15 hours for Stone 1500.

Although the weight of Stone 1500 is higher, it is not a demerit.

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