BOAT Stone 1350

Boat Stone 1350- Read A Comprehensive Review

Portable, easy-to-use speakers are the most adorable gift for a music lover. Wherever you travel, you can carry these speakers with you. But, choosing a high-quality branded speaker is not always easy.

There is cut-throat competition in the audio accessories market. Still, Boat has managed to beat a number of strong competitors with its functional and innovative speakers.

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What makes Boat different is its consistent effort to refine the speakers with the release of every new model. In fact, Boat’s engineers have tried to win the competition with Bluetooth devices, and Stone 1350 is one of them.

Similar to the headsets released by the brand, speakers are easy to operate with Bluetooth technology.

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We are going to review comprehensive details of BOAT Stone 1350, one of the latest released speakers with immersive sound that can jazz up the atmosphere.

Boat stone 1350- Black color
Stone 1350 black color
Speaker typeStereo
IPX ratingIPX 6
Frequency response65Hz to 20KHz
Playtime5 hours
Charging time4.5 hours
Battery capacity4000mAH
Bluetooth version4.0
Bluetooth range11m

Design and build quality

BOAT has paid much attention to the build quality of the speaker. Some customers claim that Stone 1400 is tougher than 1350.

Still, we have found that Stone 1350 has a solid construction. This silicon model has a rubber coating to ensure that it can absorb shocks and resist the impact of sudden falls.

You can place it outdoor for your backyard party. Moreover, it is also easy to carry the speaker to a remote place.

BOAT Stone 1350 has grabbed the attention with its ergonomic design.  There are hooks on 2 sides of the cylindrical speaker.

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As Boat offers a strap with the pack, you can attach these hooks. You can now suspend the speaker over your shoulder. You will feel that you are carrying a bag on your shoulder.

Moreover, the controls are easily accessible, and you can easily understand the functions of each of the buttons. In total, there are 4 buttons for power, play/pause option, and volume control.

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You do not need to access your audio source device to deal with the music track. Other features, which are easily noticeable, include an LED ring around the power button.

The power bank functionality is present at one side of the speaker model. Overall, the design of Stone 1350 feels premium with a matte finish and bright color.

BOAT Stone 1350-TWS technology

Music enthusiasts are not always satisfied with a single speaker. To double up the fun and fill the air with blasts of music, you can connect two Boat speakers.

BOAT has integrated TWS technology with its speakers. The power will get doubled by connecting 2 speakers at a time. This technology is useful especially when you have hosted a party on an outdoor site.

BOAT Stone 1350- Red color
Stone 350 Red color

BOAT Stone 1350-Sound quality

BOAT speakers are always known for producing signature sound. BOAT Stone 1350 is a 30W RMS speaker, which means that it has the potential to run consistently with 30 watts of power.

From analyzing real customer reviews, we have learned that BOAT Stone 1350 can produce sharp and rich sound. The major reason behind the richness of sound is the built-in passive radiators.

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Furthermore, these passive radiators are not highly susceptible to environmental conditions like humidity and temperature. You will find smoother transient responses with the Boat speaker.

You will feel pleased with the vocals. The mids and highs are separated and maintain a proper frequency level. The punchy bass is also unmistakable with this speaker.

It is better to place your speaker on the ground to feel the bass better. Although the speaker has a barrel-like shape, it can give you 360 degrees sound.

BOAT Stone 1350-Water-resistant design

Boat knows that you like to host a party anywhere, including beachside and poolside. But, you do not need to be concerned about the potential risks due to the splash of water. Stone 1350 is the latest IPX6 rated speaker with special protection against water.

BOAT Stone 1350-Ports and other features

Like other Boat speakers, Stone 1350 has an AUX input port and USB port for charging purposes. Moreover, this speaker lets you receive your phone calls without accessing your smartphone.

Connect the speaker with your phone’s Bluetooth. Make sure that your speaker’s Bluetooth v5.0 is compatible with your device.

By tapping a small button, you can easily receive your calls. The advantage of hands-free calling is one of the unique aspects of the BOAT Stone 1350

BOAT Stone 1350- Color color
Stone 1350 Blue color

BOAT Stone 1350-Battery performance

Boat Stone 1350 ensures continuous and uninterrupted listening for 5 hours. But, this claim holds true when you have set the volume at about 60%.

The higher volume can reduce the playback time. Still, with the loud output, you can continue using the speaker for long hours.

BOAT Stone 1350 houses a 4000mAh lithium battery, which is more powerful than what you can find in its predecessors. It takes around 4.5 hours to charge the battery. Overall, the battery performance is satisfactory to us.

To listen to songs for your own entertainment, it is better to keep the volume around 60. The battery will last longer with a single charge. The best fact is that you can keep on playing your speaker while charging it.

The speaker is truly versatile due to the presence of a power bank at one side. You can charge your mobile using the speaker.

BOAT Stone 1350-Comparison

BOAT has released speaker models, including Stone 1350 and Stone 1400. Although Boat has refined some features for Stone 1400, you can find some similarities.

Both of them are portable and are compatible with Bluetooth technology. But, the IPX rating is higher in your BOAT Stone 1350. However, in terms of audio quality, you may not find big differences.


  • Easy to carry
  • Clear sound
  • Includes a power bank
  • Latest Bluetooth technology


  • Costly

Our Verdict

BOAT Stone 1350 is a reliable and innovative speaker providing you with quality sound. Like other speaker models from Boat, this product is equipped with Bluetooth, a microphone, a power bank, and easy-to-use controls.

You can definitely go for it. Let’s know in the comment below if you are planning to buy it.

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