BOAT Stone 1000

Boat Stone 1000- A Comprehensive Review

Listening to music is one of the hobbies of men and women of any age. However, we do not always like to put on earbuds to listen to our favorite audio tracks.

Especially when it is a party, you like to fill the air with music. Thus, the best way of creating a party atmosphere is to turn on a BOAT speaker.

   BOAT Stone 1000 Black color
BOAT Stone 1000 Black color

The clear, loud sound can add charm to everyone’s mind. But, not every speaker can perform best. That is why we have analyzed speakers of different brands to find the right one.

From our market analysis, we have noticed that Boat has launched a series of quality speakers. You can now read a thorough review of Boat Stone 1000.

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BOAT Stone 1000 is, no doubt, a premium-quality Bluetooth speaker with unparalleled performance. In this comprehensive review, we have analyzed the design, audio quality, battery performance, and connectivity.

Although Boat is a reliable brand, it is important to go through a genuine review to make a deal confidently.

Speaker typeStereo
Driver typeFull range
IPX ratingIPX 5
Frequency response20Hz to 20KHz
Playback time10hours
Charging time4 hours
Battery capacity3000mAH
Bluetooth version4.0
Bluetooth range11m

BOAT Stone 1000-Design and durability

BOAT Stone 1000 is a robust yet portable speaker that has drawn the attention of several music lovers. In some cases, music lovers like to place their speakers at outdoor sites for a party. The speaker does not easily get damaged when dropped on the floor accidentally.

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BOAT has used solid silicone to build the body of the speaker. It has applied a rubber matte finish, which lasts long. The overall construction ensures that the speaker model can endure a splash of water and outdoor dust.

The shock-resistant and water-resistant speaker can adapt to your lifestyle. To celebrate your party outdoor and indoor, you may carry this BOAT Stone 1000 speaker with you.

Controls integrated with Stone 1000

With a single tap, you can switch between different options. Boat ensures an effortless control of your current audio track.

You need to tap a button to pause your music, press the button, and control the volume. By long-pressing a button, you can adjust the volume level.

There is also a mode button present in BOAT Stone 1000. You may also switch the mode of your Bluetooth speaker from wireless to AUX. Based on the availability of Bluetooth in the audio source, you can decide the mode.

While checking the backside, there is a groove covering the 3.5 mm AUX input and charging port. You may connect a micro USB charger for charging purposes.

  BOAT Stone 1000 Blue color
BOAT Stone 1000 Blue color

You do not need to go through complicated steps to pair your speaker with a device like a smartphone. The speaker will automatically connect to your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone.

You can choose any Bluetooth device to connect your speaker. The Boat speaker is equipped with Bluetooth V5 version.

The Bluetooth range is 11m, and thus, you must maintain the right distance from the audio source. Moreover, you can use the speaker while watching movies.

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From customer reviews, we have found that the device does not cause latency problems and synchronization issues. 

Does the audio quality please you?

As Boat Stone 1000 is a big speaker, you will unquestionably find loud and clear sounds. While playing instruments and vocals, you will find no issue with the clearness of sounds.

Highs and mids have a good separation. You will hear pronounced and clear voices. Another noticeable feature of the speaker is the passive bass radiator.

There is a thick, punchy sound, and at a moderate volume, you will find no distortion. You can enjoy any type of music track with this speaker. 

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But, some users have claimed that bass is better in other Boat speaker models. While you have chosen a high volume of your 14W speaker, you may feel some distortion.

Still, it is not a serious concern, as you will notice the distortion only by getting close to the speaker. You may place the speaker at the outdoor site and enjoy your music session. 

 Stone speaker1000 Black, kept on a surface
BOAT Stone 1000 Black (Sound Quality)

Is Boat Stone 1000 portable?

There is a grab handle fitted to the speaker. We have already mentioned that the speaker is much big. Thus, Boat has added the handle to assist you in carrying it anywhere you like.

The weight of this speaker is about 1.5 Kg, and without a handle, you may not find it easy to carry. Although other Boat speaker models are more portable, Stone 1000 can beat them with the loudness of sound and a quality battery.

Stone 1000-Battery Performance

BOAT Stone 1000 is equipped with a high-quality 3000mAh Lithium-polymer battery. The long-lasting battery is one of the reasons for investing in the speaker.

You can play continuous and unwavering songs for 8 hours with a volume of 60 to 80%. It needs 4 hours for 100% charging of the speaker battery.

 BOAT Speaker 1000 Black (IPX 5), kept on the beach, people playing in water
BOAT Stone 1000 Black (IPX 5)

Comparison of Stone 1000 and Stone 650

Stone 1000 is better than its predecessor BOAT Stone 650. Although Stone 650 is more cost-effective, BOAT Stone 1000 can present you with more innovative features.

While Stone 650 is a 10W speaker, BOAT Stone 1000 is a 14W model. One of the similarities is that both of them have bass radiators.

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Stone 1000 produces clear sounds for a medium-sized room. On the contrary, Stone 650 is perfect for a small room.

The BOAT Stone 1000 has a 3000-mAh lithium-ion battery, whereas BOAT Stone 650 includes an 1800 mAh lithium-ion battery.

The playback time is also higher in the case of BOAT Stone 1000.

How to connect BOAT Stone speaker with your Bluetooth device?

Bluetooth pairing functionality naturally gets activated when you connect Stone 1000 to your audio source. You will find that the status light is on. You need to hold the button for at least 3 seconds to turn on the light.

Still, we have given some directions to make everything easier.

  • Turn on the Bluetooth of your device.
  • Search available Bluetooth connections, and you will find the name- BOAT Stone 1000
  • After the successful pairing, you will hear a clear tone.

When you cannot set the connection, you have to check these things-

  • The headset formerly paired with the device
  • Wireless Bluetooth already enabled on the gadget
  • Headset not properly connected

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Controlling media playersBOAT Stone 1000

Your Bluetooth-enabled speaker from Boat is compatible with different Bluetooth versions. Still, some Bluetooth versions do not enable you to control media and calls.

Functionality can vary with operating systems, devices, and applications. Call rejection, voice dialing, redialing, and other similar features are available in the latest smartphones. Check the details of your device before setting the connection.

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Stone 1000 Black (control panel)
Stone 1000 Black (control panel)


  • Clear, loud sound
  • Durable construction
  • Premium battery
  • Built-in microphone
  • Reliable connectivity


  • Heavy and bulky
  • Slight distortion at 100% volume

Is BOAT Stone speaker the right choice for you?

Available at a reasonable price, Boat Stone 1000 is the right choice for everyone who loves music. Packed with innovative features, this speaker lets you control the music track and music volume by clicking a few buttons.

The speaker has a rugged design and decent battery life. Overall, the sound quality is unquestionable.  You can make a deal and purchase the Bluetooth speaker from the given link. You will find the desired value from it.

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