Boat Rockerz 235 Pro-Comprehensive Review

Boat Rockerz 235 Pro-An Overview

Smart wireless headphones like Boat Rockerz 235 Pro are always cool and premium gadgets in the present tech world. Although the market is saturated with lots of headphone brands, Boat has retained a strong position by consistently maintaining its product quality.

Rockerz 235 Pro - Best Wireless

Signature sound and other innovative features have made its headphones unique. Boat Rockerz 235 Pro is one of the popular models released by the brand.

We have clearly reviewed every feature of the in-ear headset.

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Technical details

Brand NameBoat
Model NameRockerz 235 Pro
ColorsBlue, grey, black
Bluetooth versionV5.2
Playback time20 hours
Dual pairingYes
Battery capacity150maH
Charging time1 hour
Voice AssistantSiri and Google Assistant

What will you find in the package?

Along with the Boat Rockerz 235 Pro headphone, you will get a charging cable, user manual, warranty card, and sticker. You will also receive additional ear tips of matching colors.

Reviewing the design of Boat Rockerz 235 Pro

We have found solid build quality in Rockerz 235 Pro headphones. Available with adjustable bands, these headphones will make you feel comfortable.

The integrated earbuds ensure a proper fit for your ears. As these earbuds have magnetic power, they remain intact when you move from one place to the other.

boAt Rockerz 235 Pro -

Rockerz 235 Pro headphones have a thoughtful design for a secure fit. You can engage yourself in walking, workouts, jogging, and other activities while wearing the headsets.

The durable headphone set includes a wide clickable panel. Thus, you will not find a problem while using Rockerz 235 Pro.

Protection and water resistance Rockerz 235 Pro

While reviewing the build quality, we have not overlooked these features. You may need to take your headphones outdoor.

Moreover, your headset can be a perfect companion during your everyday gym session. That is why Boat has made its headphones sweat-resistant and water-resistant.

IPX5-rated headphones ensure that sweat and water cannot damage your device.

Connectivity and dual pairing

Boat has used advanced Bluetooth version 5.2 to establish a connection between its headset and your devices like laptop and mobile.

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Due to the presence of Dual Pairing technology, you can connect 2 devices at a time. You will enjoy a smooth and flawless delivery of music.

Click on the right control to connect Rockerz 235 Pro to your chosen device. But, make sure that the magnetic earbuds are attached to each other after pairing. When you have deactivated your Bluetooth, they will get disconnected. 

AI assistant compatibility and in-built control Rockerz 235 Pro

Boat Rockerz 235 is available with in-built buttons on the band. Using these controls, you can manage the volume and play/pause your music tracks.

boAt Rockerz 235 Pro -
boAt Rockerz 235 Pro multifunctional button

Furthermore, you can answer and decline the phone call using the controls. How will you make the best use of the controls?

  • Play and pause your video with the mid button.
  • Long-press the top button to move to a different video and song.
  • Long-press the bottom control to select the previous song. Touch the button to deal with the volume level.
  • Hold the mid button for a few seconds to accomplish your tasks.
  • Long-press the mid button for a few seconds to activate Hey Siri and Google Assistant.

Rockerz 235 Pro Gaming performance and sound quality

A gaming enthusiast likes to enjoy a good gaming experience while turning a set of headphones on. So, every detail of Boat 235 Pro is important for getting the ultimate delight from the game.

Boat has integrated the Beast mode for these gamers. activate the mode by hitting the mid button thrice.

boAt Rockerz 235 Pro -

When the mode is turned on, you will hear a clear and sharp sound. Thus, the background music of a game will be audible to you.

Left-right ear separation ensures clarity in the sound.

Boat Rockerz 235 Pro also ensures a low latency with this headset. Videos and audios will be synchronized properly to provide you with a seamless output.

Battery quality and charging technology

You do not like to wait for several hours to charge your headphones. That is why Boat has used ASAP Charging Technology for a faster charging solution.

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It takes a few minutes to charge your headphones. Keep your headphones charged for 10 minutes and use them for a longer period.

According to Boat, the playback time is about 20 hours. A C-Type charging port present at the bottom of the neckband.

You can watch your favorite TV series, movies, and Netflix programs with a pair of Boat headphones on your ears.

The standard battery capacity of Rockerz 235 Pro is 150mAh. You need to wait for an hour to get 100% charged.

The playback time can vary with the way how you use these headphones.

Noise cancellation ability in Boat Rockerz 235 Pro

While other brands have used Anti-Noise Cancellation mode, Boat has integrated ENx Technology. It is capable of canceling the outside noise, and thus, while managing your phone calls, you will hear the caller’s voice clearly.

Rockerz 235 Pro‘s users have enjoyed good calling quality in both indoor and outdoor environments. Although it is a noisy surrounding, you will not feel any disturbance.

boAt Rockerz 235 Pro

Moreover, we have not found any issue with the microphone quality, which is important during your phone calls.

Rockerz 235 headphones will send you a Vibration Call alert to streamline the calling process. There is no need to take your mobile out of the bag when someone calls you.

Press the mid button twice to redial the previously selected number.

While you feel the vibration, you may receive/decline the call. Furthermore, the loud vibration sound ensures that you have no way to miss the incoming call.

Bass effect and other features Boat Rockerz 235 Pro

Boat’s products are always known for decent sound and superior performance. With Rockerz 235 Pro, you will enjoy a good bass effect.

But, some users claimed that it could be better, and thus, Boat needs to refine this feature.

The integrated 10mm drivers always indulge you in the world of lag-free, smooth music. As the music is loud, you will find a standard bass effect.

There are no problems with trebles and vocals. The overall sound quality is best for those who love music. 


  • Lightweight
  • Unique design
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Good battery backup
  • Fast charging technology
  • Integrated controls
  • Loud and clear sound 
  • Dual pairing 
  • Premium quality microphone


  • Lacks the Bluetooth disconnect feature with earbuds joined together
  • The vibration is much louder.

Comparing Boat Rockerz 235 Pro with other headphones

The wireless headset Boat Rockerz 235 Pro has ear tips of different sizes to accommodate any lob sizes. Due to the soft cushioning and generous size, the earmuffs give you comfort.

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Earbuds have a matte rubber finish and comprise ear hooks. Boat Rockerz 235 also has a touch of elegance with left-right indication.

One similarity is that Boat Rockerz earbuds have flat cords to prevent earphones from getting tangled. 

While comparing Boat Rockerz 235 Pro and Rockerz 255, we have found that the latter one has a deeper bass.

boAt Rockerz 235 Pro -

You can use it for listening to bass-heavy songs. But, the audio quality of Rockerz 235 Pro is also good. Still, due to the lack of bass, you can avoid using Rockerz 235 Pro to listen to hip-hop songs.

Both these headphone models have noise cancellation features, sound clarity, and good battery life. They have a comfy neckband design.

The earbuds include magnets to prevent your discomfort. 

Finally, price is another factor differentiating Rockerz 235 Pro from Rockerz 255.

Rockerz 235 Pro is a more affordable choice for you.

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Thus, with a tight budget, you can go for this headset. There is no need to compromise innovative features.

Conclusion– Boat Rockerz 235 Pro

To sum up, Boat Rockerz 235 Pro headphones have a distinctive style with innovative features like ergonomic neckband, call vibration alert and dual pairing.

We have found no issue with the functional and aesthetic features.

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We hope that our this piece of Article has encouraged to make your decision easer to buy Boat Rockerz 235 Pro.

Do leave a comments and kindly share it with your loved ones.

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