boAt Airdopes 452 True Wireless Earbuds

Country Of Origin China
Headphone Type TWS earbuds
Music Playtime 20 hours
Compatibility Any Bluetooth Devices
Standby time 9 months
Transmission Range 10m
IPX rating IPX4
Frequency 20Hz-20KHz
Driver size 6mm*2
Charging Time 1 hour
Charging interface Type C
Battery Capacity 380mAh

boAt Airdopes 452 True Wireless Earbuds, also known as Boat Airdopes 452, are all-time favorites for those looking for high-quality audio gadgets. With new-generation features, Boat Airdopes has gained the attention of several customers.

Till now, almost all the series of boAt Airdopes have achieved success in the present market. Presently, Boat has decided on launching another model for its loyal customers.

The news of the release of boAt Airdopes 452 has already created a buzz among the Boat fans. But, potential buyers have lots of questions in their minds.

What features will Airdopes 452 bring to them? Will its performance be better than its predecessors? A brief review will clear your confusion and queries.

Before diving deep into the comprehensive review, it is important to inform you that Airdopes 452 is a game-centric model with 65ms Ultra-Low Latency. Gaming enthusiasts who are looking for wireless earbuds can invest in this pair of Boat Airdopes 452 True Wireless Earbuds.

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boAt Airdopes 452 Available Color Choices

Build Quality & Design-boAt Airdopes 452

boAt has always maintained elegance in its earbuds, and it is also noticeable in the latest model Airdopes 452. With matte finishing, the stylish earbuds give you the ultimate comfort.

The silicone earmuffs integrated into the earbuds are more resilient than their foam counterparts. Moreover, these earpieces are slightly turned at an angle, and it ensures that they will sit properly on your ear canal.

The in-ear models have a polycarbonate body. The earbuds provide you with a sleek look and some touch-control features. Furthermore, the IPX4 ratings indicate that these earbuds are water-resistant. There is no risk of getting damaged from splashes and spills.

Overall, these newly designed Airdopes are lightweight. Your ears will not feel the weight when you are listening to your favorite audio for long hours. boAt also offers a small charging case to store and carry your earbuds.

boAt Airdopes 452 True Wireless Earbuds Audio and Gaming Mode

We have already said that Boat has paid attention to the needs of gamers to design Airdopes 452. With these earpieces, you will have an amazing gaming experience.

Like other Airdopes models, this product is available with a dedicated BEAST Mode. With good bass and low latency, this mode is best for game lovers. BEAST represents Bionic Engine And Sonic Technology, and the major purpose of using this technology is to provide better audio quality.

You can also enter the Gaming Mode for smooth and fast synchronization of audio and video. This mode is also advantageous when you are streaming videos. You have no chance of missing a single word.

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For gamers enjoying first-person shooter games, low-latency earbuds can provide them with the best output. The properly synched audio will make your game more enjoyable. The latency is as low as 65ms.

When you work from home and attend conference calls, you may have encountered jarring problems. To avoid these issues, boAt has offered a low-latency in its soon to be launch boAt Airdopes 452 True Wireless Earbuds.

boAt Airdopes 452 True Wireless Earbuds Connectivity

boAt has designed Airdopes 452 with the latest Bluetooth version 5.2. While the older Bluetooth version has 1 Mbps data transmission speed, Bluetooth 5.2 has doubled it to 2Mbps.

You will enjoy unbreakable, strong connectivity due to this Bluetooth technology. It covers a range of 10 meters. While listening to multiple apps at a time, you will find a stable connections between devices. Make the best use of wireless functionality by using Bluetooth V5.2

boAt Airdopes 452 Calling Features & Voice Quality

boAt has equipped its Airdopes 452 earbuds with the ENx technology to ensure a better experience when you receive phone calls. Environmental Noise Cancellation technology ensures quality sound and blocks external noise.

As this technology is combined with the perfect driver size, you will enjoy unparalleled audio quality. The voice clarity and balanced bass effects are some strong reasons for buying Airdopes 452.

Although you are in a crowded environment, you can clearly hear other’s voices during your calling session.

Battery and Charging Quality of boAt Airdopes 452

Due to the ASAP technology, the earbuds’ battery ensures fast charging. With a 10-minute charge, the playback time of the earbuds is about 60 minutes. After a full charge, the total playback time of boAt Airdopes 452 True Wireless Earbuds can be about 20 hours. Thus, plug in your charging case and recharge your earbuds.

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boAt Airdopes 452 insta Wake ‘N’ Pair

boAt Airdopes models have beat the strongest competitors with the innovative technology- Insta Wake N’ Pair. You need to charge the earpieces with Type C.

However, as soon as your earphones leave the case after 100% charging, they will automatically get paired with your devices. You will never lose a moment due to this seamless pairing.

Other Features-boAt Airdopes 452 True Wireless Earbuds

Boat Airdopes 452 has an intuitive design, and although it presents technologically advanced earbuds, you can use them easily. The easy-to-use touch controls enable you to manage volumes, calls, and music playback.

Moreover, you may activate voice assistant and gaming mode with a few taps. You do not need to access your device to control the music track and calls. Your touch gestures on the earbuds will do the job.


  • Cancel out noisy signals
  • Easy audio and video synchronization
  • Best for gaming and video watching
  • Quality battery
  • Smart controls
  • 4-mic system
  • Signature HD sound


  • Old IPX ratings

Our Final Verdict

From the unbiased boAt Airdopes 452 True Wireless Earbuds review, we can conclude that the brand has maintained its unparalleled sound quality. The availability of Gaming mode and BEAST mode is appreciable.

boAt Airdopes 452 True Wireless Earbuds will gain the attention of consumers looking for wireless earbuds. 

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